Media Training

Facing the media's cameras or microphones for the first time is a scary experience. No one wants to underperform or look less than their best.  That's why Media Training is essential for you and your organisation's reputation.

Gerald and his associates (all former BBC staff) take you through the whole process.  We explain what the media want and what to expect. We show you how to prepare and deliver messages that stick with the audience. 

You will be given lots of practical experience in being interviewed for radio and  TV and you will receive honest and supportive, feedback.  Our training days are packed full of top tips and practical exercises.  They are also, so we're told, great value and lots of fun.  


Practical Training

Press, PR, Publicity & Presentation

New entrepreneurs in Suffolk and Essex learn the basics of how to deal with the media. They learn the pros and cons  of press releases and how to create their own media content for free. 

Gerald is a regular guest contributor for the Eastern Enterprise Hubs in Colchester & Ipswich. 

Feedback from the delegates: 
"Sent out my first press release today and got an immediate interview offer..."
"Gerald’s session was amazing; I’ve learnt so much. His expert advice has provided me with the tools I need so that when I’m liaising with the media I can be better-prepared and won’t be put on the spot.”  Stacey Bradley, Founder of the Smile Organisation.

World’s Smallest Course Handout

We're not big on expensive leather bound course files, notes and freebie pens. 

Instead, our delegates receive the world's smallest handout containing all you need to know.  Keeping courses short and simple is what we do best.