Presentation Videos

Just as the Old Masters of the art world would nick ideas from each other ... so too radio presenters! These videos cover the basics and are rock solid radio presenter training materials. 

Gerald produced and presented "Performance & All that Jazz" and "Bidding for Success." A brilliant film maker, Dean Arnett, helped him every step of the way.  Tom Speight, formerly of the BBC's College of Journalism (an inspirational teacher) produced "Ideal Presenter".

The videos featuring radio genius Valerie Geller, Radio 1's Ben Cooper and  presenter coach Kate Cocker,  are freely available on YouTube and all well worth watching.  Popcorn anyone?  

Performance & All That Jazz – Radio Presenter Training

Valerie Geller – Tell The Truth, Make It Matter & Never Be Boring

Kate Cocker – Being Authentic

Bidding For Success – Radio Presenter Training

BBC Local Radio Editors discuss presenters 1

BBC Local Radio Editors discuss presenters 2

Ben Cooper – What makes a top presenter?

Top 20 attributes of a great radio presenter

Online Course – Radio Presentation

Online Course – Get A Job In The Media

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