Let’s get training

Face to Face Presenter Training for Individuals & Groups
Traditional training in the studio or classroom still play a big part in developing talent. Gerald trains presenters, producers, production assistants and all manner of freelance workers on stations, at colleges and universities and even in prison.  He is able to offer one off sessions in all aspects of radio presentation and production.  He specialises in designing original training for your specific needs.

Voice Training
Radio stations have the fire alarm tested weekly, the window cleaner turns up monthly, the electrical gear tested annually ... and a voice trainer on site every blue moon or never!  News readers, presenters, travel reporters and contributors can all benefit from a voice training session with Gerald Main.

Programme Feedback - The key to fast-track improvement
"I never get any feedback," is a familiar moan across the radio industry.  Undoubtedly, supportive feedback is the single most powerful tool to improve on-air performance.  Gerald offers radio programme review, feedback and coaching notes via video link (Skype, Weblink, FaceTime etc). 

One to One Video Coaching
Presenter training, feedback, career coaching and job interview practice are just some of the ways Gerald is helping people achieve their goals using video links.